Anticipating what the customer needs. Being there with your answer to their problem. The best sales person you could imagine would know things about the customer the moment they step into a store.

“An AdWords approach done right—using the 3 types of AdWords campaigns—reaches out to customers at different points in the buying process.”

Are they browsing? Seriously comparing brands? Back to buy more? Adwords can be adjusted to meet your customers right where they are, and lead them right to the page you’d like them to see. Consider PPC your newest Sales Rep and let’s get him on the floor.

Google Adwords Infographic

Here’s an Example

You sell awesome dog toys. You want your ads to be present to those who are interested in pets in general, to those who search for dog supplies, and for those who have visited your site before.

  1. Display Network ads show your ads on relevant sites, like on YouTube while someone is watching an adorable dog video, like this one, or sites showing people how to train their puppies. Smart, right?
  2. Search Network ads target those customers on the hunt. These customers are using Google to search for your keywords: dog toys, pet supplies, safe dog bones, etc. And you should be there when they need you.
  3. Remarketing ads pop up when customers who have visited your site are back on their computers. Remember Fido already ripped through his squeaky toy? Here are our best-sellers. You’re welcome, Fido.

If done right, Google AdWords ads can target your customers just as well as your crew on the sales floor.

Cazarin Interactive is now a Google AdWords Partner, and can help you navigate all things Adwords.

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