June finally brought the weather we’re accustomed to seeing in May: lots of rain, some heavy storms, and muggy heat. A mid-month storm knocked out the power for about half the Twin Cities, and here in Maple Grove—just a few blocks from our office—gigantic trees were ripped right out of the ground. If you own a wood chipper and you’re not the creepy guy from Fargo, you could be making bank right now in Minneapolis and surrounding areas.

Oh, and June was also an exciting month for Cazarin and our customers. Here’s why:

Bauer Design Build, based in Delano, Minnesota, launched their new Cazarin-built website this month. It’s a sharp-looking website that features Bauer’s new Cazarin-designed logo. Bauer helps clients bring their vision to reality, and we like to think that Cazarin helped bring Bauer’s marketing vision to reality – please check out the site: www.bauerdesignbuild.com.

Bauer Design Build website

June also marked the release of a new look and feel for the website of Leffert Jay & Polgaze, P.A., a Minneapolis-based law firm specializing in Intellectual Property. It’s such a beautiful site we might just patent it.

LJP website

The folks at Graceful Adoptions are experts who stand ready to help with all aspects of adoption, from unplanned pregnancies and birth mothers to adoptive parents and waiting families. They focus on what matters most to make every adoption a beautiful experience. Cazarin was proud to build them a new website, and we invite you to check it out: www.gracefuladoptions.com.