Meet Rachel–intern at Cazarin Interactive, undergraduate at the University of Minnesota, marketing apprentice, and fresh look at the world of digital marketing. We asked Rachel to give us her first impressions of the industry and the office family in which she has worked the past 3 months.

If you could give readers insight to the Cazarin office culture, what would you share?

It didn’t take long to discover that the employees are the backbone of Cazarin Interactive. The employees have wildly varying skill sets and interests, but share a sort of passionate perseverance. Diverse collaboration provides the team a solid foundation, while this perseverance gets the job done successfully.

It’s not easy to produce the quality of work that we do at Cazarin, but we’re always powering through the tough stuff to achieve our objectives. Ultimately I know everyone here truly enjoys their work because in the end, the finished product is something to be proud of.

Finish this sentence. People may not realize that digital marketing involves…

Quality control. Quality really does make a huge difference when it comes to digital marketing. Great content marketing and strong SEO tactics are how businesses are found and connected to customers all over the globe, and these tactics are needed to stay competitive in any industry. Many times, web presence serves as the first contact with potential customers, and first impressions always matter. At Cazarin, I’ve seen firsthand that by keeping our quality standards high, we will continue to help our clients build their brands online and off.

This year Rachel joined the Cazarin Interactive team as a marketing intern. This May she will complete her undergraduate degree at the University of Minnesota. When she's not taking care of business, she enjoys staying involved with photography and painting, and staying active with dance, soccer, and snowboarding.