This month, Cazarin Interactive celebrates its 17th anniversary as a digital marketing and web design firm, and it causes me to pause and reflect on the path our company has taken to reach success.

When I first founded Cazarin Interactive in 1998, it was for mainly two reasons: I felt my employer didn’t have a good sense of the potential of the Internet. And I’ll admit it…I didn’t take direction easily.

I began by proposing to my then employer that we add an internal web design department to our company. I was told in so many words that this was a bad idea. But I knew that soon every company would need a website to represent themselves, and that this moment was a big one. Remember that at the time, email was just starting to be adopted and taking off rapidly, and many people didn’t yet understand what the Internet was. This was my opportunity.

My wife had a full time job and we set up specific goals. If we were to sell $100K in nine months we would continue; if not, we would close the company. Our sales in the first nine months were close to $150K. There have been many challenges in the last 17 years, but I am happy to write that this journey has been very rewarding, with two major benefits:

1) We have created over twenty professional positions for our excellent staff who want to be part of something special — a company that helps other companies succeed on the Internet. Creating a great working environment is one of my top priorities. We nurture comradery and value working in a place where people WANT to come to work.

2) The second collossal benefit is that we have helped many companies to succeed. One of the most rewarding experiences was with a company that began working with us in 2008. The moment they gave us the purchase order, they also informed us that they had just laid off 17 people. They believed that creating a great website and working with online tools would be the marketing tactics to save them. I am happy to report that three months after launching their new site, the 17 people were re-hired. This company is still a customer and we continue to work with them.

Cazarin Interactive is now a full-service digital marketing agency. We have great customers and a fabulous team, with an environment designed to allow the team, and therefore our customers, to thrive.

Looking forward to the future!

Ricardo Ortizcazarin

President & Founder

Ricardo started Cazarin Interactive in his basement in 1998, with the crazy idea that the World Wide Web was about to change business forever.