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Since LOLCATS and ROFLDOGS effectively run the internet, as a web company we must always pay respect to our true rulers. Accordingly, during the month of March all of us at Cazarin will be pitching in to help the crusaders of cute at Happy Tails Rescue with a donation drive for essential pet accessories.

During long brutal winters like these, services like Happy Tails Rescue are essential for bringing animals off the street and into loving homes. We’re always glad to contribute to great community initiatives, especially those right in our own back yard.

The Maple Grove based Happy Tails Rescue is a completely volunteer run non-profit looking to gather up the basic necessities to ensure all their tails have a happy ending. We’ll be collecting any and all of the following:

  • Kennels and Crates (all sizes, used or unused)
  • Cat and Dog food.
  • Kitten Cages
  • Cat and Dog Beds and Blankets
  • Used Towels/Blankets
  • Cat Litter and Litter Boxes
  • Cat and Dog Toys, Chews, Treats
  • Cat and Dog Collars (used or new)
  • Dog Leashes
  • Shampoo, Ear Wipes, etc…
  • Bleach/other cleaning supplies

If you’re not the sort to have any of these items, we have plenty of friends you should get to know. Happy Tails Rescue is also happy to accept direct donations right from their website. Let’s not stop here though. There are plenty of other ways to support our local shelters.

As you can see, as a company, we’re no strangers to our furry companions. Even in our earliest days we shared office space with the family dog. We’ve come a long way in the last 16 years, and that’s about 77 in dog years. Woof!

Happy Tails Rescue

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