We like to ponder our relationships, both business and personal, and show our appreciation for others. This month, we would like to feature a client who we have collaborated with extensively and share our story of an opportunity that was forged into a long-standing relationship.

In early 2005 we met with AAA Moving Company. The company’s image was disjointed and required a new and creative strategy that would give them an edge against their competitors.

Through research and collaboration with AAA Movers, we found that there was a clear advantage to engaging an audience through a video medium. We decided together we would challenge the current marketing being used in the industry and went to work on fusing video with an online campaign and closely monitored the results. As the web stats came in, it became obvious that the video campaign was a huge success!

Our relationship continued to flourish and a complete re-branding process ensued, wherein a new website which targeted specific market segments was created and launched. To further enhance and strengthen the new brand custom brochures, mailings and truck wraps were created.

Our latest project together has been to launch an exclusive rewards program. What makes this program distinctive is the fact that it is based entirely on a digital format. A rewards member signs up for the program and the program monitors the leads generated. As the leads convert into customers, the member receives compensation for each new customer.

Today, we enjoy monitoring AAA Mover’s performance and partnering with them to forge new and exciting online strategies for continued success. As with all of our relationships, each is unique and we thrive on building and strengthening each one, and hope you do as well!

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