elo website

It’s finally here! Cazarin is proud to launch one of the most complex sites we’ve ever created, for the revolutionary new children’s bedtime product—elo™ pillow. More than your average website, elopillow.com uses a custom platform designed to deliver audio content right to this Storytime Pillow™.

Conceived by parents here in Minnesota, this product needed a fresh, well-organized site that could showcase this brand new concept for a kids’ bedtime tool. elo is a doctor-endorsed pillow that plays stories and soothing sounds when the child lies down to sleep. If the child raises their head or gets up, as they so often do, elo gently reminds them to “lay back down to hear the rest of the story.” Genius!

elo website launch
Great images, a modern look, and soothing colors help convey the nature of the product, while the Store organizes and displays hundreds of options of audio content to be loaded onto elo for children to enjoy.

The elo site is fully responsive, meaning that users can view the site on any size device—especially parents using their phones to choose that night’s audio content to be played on their elo. An at-your-fingertips solution for common bedtime struggles.

We at Cazarin would like to congratulate the team at Edia Inc. and elo pillow on the launch of their product and this site. Here’s to kids loving bedtime!

elo Pillow

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