AR Blue Clean Power Washers

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In today’s post, we feature AR Blue Clean, one of the leading brands of pressure washers (also known as power washers) on the market today.

The AR Blue Clean Website

We started with a redesign of the AR Blue Clean website. Our goal was to evolve the brand’s online image with a fresh look and feel and well-organized website architecture.

website design

The new website launched last summer. Since the launch date, our team has been employing a variety of marketing tactics to increase the effectiveness of the website, including Search Engine Optimization, social media, content development, video, and more.

The Result?

Both traffic to the website and sales have been steadily increasing. In fact, the past three months have broke online sales records, with each month topping the month before it!

We’re proud to represent a product line such as AR Blue Clean. For anyone looking for a better way to clean, we highly recommend checking out the redesigned to view the full line of AR Blue Clean pressure washers for both residential and industrial use. In addition, the site presents a large selection of pressure washer replacement parts and pressure washer accessories.

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Lead project manager and SEO strategist Brad Heagle has been with Cazarin for over 5 years.