Executives on LinkedIn can show their personal accomplishments and bring attention back to their company with a well-optimized LinkedIn personal profile.

Whether you’re trying to gain more customers, build your personal network, or be open to new job opportunities, determine your objective and let’s make that profile a reflection of your accomplishments.

Here’s how:

LinkedIn Tip

TIP 1: Profile Photo & Headline

Use a professional headshot for your profile, and leave the vacation pictures for Facebook. Headlines are the first thing people read about you, and they don’t have to be simply your title and company. Spice it up, add some detail, and use all 120 characters.

TIP: Profiles with photos are seen 11% more than those without
LinkedIn Tip

TIP 2: Simple, Storytelling Summaries

Use the summary section to tell the story of what you’ve accomplished, but keep it punchy, quick to scan, and powerful. Use first person to make it sound personal, and don’t make the mistake of dumping your resume into this section. There is a 2,000 character limit to summaries, so use it well.

TIP: Keywords in your summary help with search ranking!
LinkedIn Tip

TIP 3: Customize Your URL

LinkedIn allows you to choose a custom url address for your profile. (Go from linkedin.com/JoeSmith9826 to linkedin.com/JoeSmithRealty.)

TIP: Have the URL for your company’s profile customized too!
LinkedIn Tip

TIP 4: Work Experience Section

Once you’ve highlighted your experience and talked up your company’s successes, consider naming your clients or B2B customers by name (with their approval).

This shows real-life case studies while also showing up on any searches done for those company names.

LinkedIn Tip

TIP 5: Groups, Volunteering, & Awards

Fill this in for your own awards AND your company’s. If you are the founder or CEO of a business, go ahead and claim your company’s certifications and accolades on your profile.

Volunteering, Group involvement, and Interests not only tell people what makes you tick, it also means your profile will be shown if people search those Organizations with which you’re affiliated.

LinkedIn Tip

TIP 6: Add Media to your Profile

Display articles, videos, presentations, or images to showcase your company and your work, and bring a little life to your profile.

TIP: Click on the box with the + symbol to upload files
LinkedIn Tip

TIP 7: Recommendations and Skills

Recommendations and Skills Endorsements show not only great social validation but help to fill out your profile and improve search ranking.

For both, giving can lead to getting. Support your connections in this way and you will likely get more in return. Or, request recommendations directly with a personal message.

LinkedIn Tip

TIP 8: Post Status Updates

LinkedIn isn’t just a big book of profiles. The news feed can be a place to stay connected with your network, share news, and show off your company’s latest video or blog post. Be careful—if a connection “hides” one of your less-interesting posts, LinkedIn will stop showing your updates to them entirely.

LinkedIn Tip

TIP 9: When you think you’re done…

Now that you’ve filled in your profile, follow these tips to take your page to the next level and your name to the top of search results.

  1. Add a Call to Action and your Contact information so that visitors can get in touch easily.
  2. Proofread! Check grammar, and have another person proofread as well.
  3. LinkedIn puts more value on profiles that are 100% complete when returning search results. Make sure that gauge reads 100%.
  4. Show it off: Check your privacy settings, convert your profile to a pdf, and add your profile’s link to your email signature, your resume, blog, etc.

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