As the roles and responsibilities of social marketing and customer service continue to evolve, there are more and more questions about what results companies should expect and from whom.

For small businesses, there will often be a lot of overlap in this area. This reality makes it all the more important to clearly define responsibilities and expectations. If you don’t know what you should be getting, it’s hard to know if you should be getting someone to do if for you.

Cazarin community management

Return on Interest

Time to set some guidelines. First and foremost look at your traffic and see who is coming back. If your return visits are less than ideal, you’ll want to consider something of value to offer that can incentivize long term engagement. This is the foundation of community building.

Value and Volume

Look at the content you are publishing. Are your channels a symphony of crickets, or all noise and static? You need to find the right focus and frequency for the material you provide to hit that engagement sweet spot. Evaluate the number of overall posts, along with total reach, likes, shares, and subscriptions to decide if your content is hitting the mark.

Real vs. Regimented

Are you using your social media as a true two way device? It’s easy to build a content calendar, schedule your posts and let it ride, but that’s seldom enough. Without genuinely reaching out with timely, relevant material, you can’t expect much engagement from your audience. Likewise, if you are only providing your own sales related content without any broader interest or extrinsic value, you’ll soon to speaking to an empty room.

Activity vs. Proactivity

For small teams with lots of overlapping responsibilities, keeping up with post frequency might be all they can manage. This misses the true value of social platforms. A dedicated community manager is the voice of your organization, and should be proactive in reaching out to their audience and finding new opportunities. This can be as simple as addressing service challenges, to steadily finding more meaningful ways for your brand to connect.

For consumer facing organizations, the community manager sits at a critical intersection. Marketing, PR, sales and customer service are all in play when cultivating a real culture around your brand. A social media intern was a good start, but there is much more to be done.

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