A primary rule of real estate is that your prospective buyer, leaser, or renter must be able to envision themselves in their new space. But old-school 2D blueprints generally don’t do justice to the rooms you’re trying to illustrate. After all, as the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” At Cazarin, we can bring your floor plans to life with 3D, top-down, fully furnished color pictures of your space.

Make Your Property Stand Apart with 3D Floor Plans

Perhaps you’ve noticed that in the entertainment industry, 3D is no longer the exception—in Hollywood, it’s quickly becoming the standard! And why not? Three-dimensional technology makes everything from pictures to television to movies look bigger, better, and more realistic.

That’s why we developed our 3D Floor Plan tool—because the space you’re depicting on your website needs to pop off the page. Take a look at the examples to the right. Now imagine if your potential customers were looking at those 3D images on your site and the 2D blueprints on your competitors’ sites. It’s pretty clear which version allows clients to best picture themselves in the space.

And the best part is how easy it is. All you need to provide us are the dimensions, window locations, and a few basic snapshots of the property. Then you select from different furniture collections and color schemes, and you’re all set. Not even Hollywood can make something so simple look so good!

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