Undoubtedly you’ve come across those 3-second, repeating mini-videos of cats jumping, kids looking shocked, or your favorite moment from Lord of the Rings. Welcome to the GIF.

These “Graphic Interchange Format” clips show up in blog posts, e-blasts, and websites, usually to spruce up and add humor to copy, and, with the right GIF in the right place, can work for your content as well. No longer considered a tacky add-on, adding animated GIFs to your copy can give your company a fun, dynamic feel in the right context. Unlike Buzzfeed staffers, you may not have the time to keep up with latest GIFs that would fit with your content. Thankfully, there are a number of options available to those wishing to add animated GIFs in a fun but timely manner.



Giphy is a clean, modern, and sleek new search engine specifically built for GIFs. All the GIFs in Giphy’s database are tagged to help you find relevant GIFs. You can either search by tag or click through categories,

If you’re feeling particularly brave, you can let serendipity do its work and watch Giphy TV in the hunt for the perfect animated image.



Tumblr is a simple blogging site that has a reputation for their users’ love of GIFs. Using Tumblr’s search function, you are bound to find a GIF that suits your content needs. It is also likely you’ll find a beautiful image or two along the way. Tumblr also makes it easy to upload your own animated GIFs to the web and share them with the world.



Imgur is a photo-sharing site that initially gained popularity on the link-submission site Reddit. Since its inception, Imgur has grown into a juggernaut for users who love GIFs. There are a number of ways to find the perfect animated GIF for your content Imgur. Much like Giphy, you can search by tags. Additionally, you can view GIFs by your favorite topics such as “Funny,” “The More You Know,” and “Current Events.” If after exhaustive searching you still can’t find the perfect animated GIF to accompany your copy, Imgur will let you create your own high-quality GIF on their site for free.

While it’s easy and somewhat addicting to find GIFs to match your content, be careful to use them sparingly. Too much of anything is a bad thing. Each animated GIF you post should serve a purpose. Additionally, you don’t want to slow down your website load times by bombarding visitors with cat GIFs — no matter how grumpy our feline friends may be.

Image Credit: Litmus

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