Example of Responsive Design

We’re thrilled to finally introduce our redesigned website. It’s been rebuilt from the ground up to be a stellar example of sleek, clean, responsive design (go ahead, resize that browser window), with all-new copy and photography. Check out our redesigned Work page, complete with updated case studies. Or peruse our revamped blog—now with big, shiny thumbnails. Don’t miss out on the revamped Helpdesk, either.

Many thanks to the employees who contributed to the redesign:

Kelly Imholte: Web Design and Front-End Development
The driving force behind the redesign, he’s been guiding the Cazarin brand for years. Not only did he hand-code our new site, he’s also responsible for most of the sites featured in our case studies.
Tyler Larson: Copywriting and Strategy
We wouldn’t look half as smart without Tyler’s pen behind us. He’s rewritten over half the content for the site—and is probably responsible for about half the blog too.
The Brad
Brad Heagle: SEO and Strategy
King of the H1, Brad provided valuable SEO insight and sales experience to ensure that our content was not only clever, but relevant to customers.
This is Erin.
Erin Borron: Photography
After spending a few days poking a DSLR into her coworkers’ faces, the office’s creative décor has been brought to life online as well.
Michelle Sanchez: Proofing
Michelle’s keen eye for detail means we’ve thoroughly crossed our T’s, dotted our I’s, and minded our P’s and Q’s.

Like the redesign? Want one of your own?

Wander on over to our (also revamped) project inquiry, or shoot us a line.

Erin is Cazarin's marketing manager and resident goat expert. Her favorite color is #330080, and her non-work life consists of Pinterest and a steady rotation of crafts.