Big or small, new or established, local or beyond, choosing the right web design company makes all the difference in your online end product. Before choosing a website design firm, consider these points first.

9 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Web Design Company

  1. Does the company have testimonials and case studies that speak to you? Does their work impress you?
  2. How does their website look? Is it fresh, easy to navigate, keep your interest, and answer your questions?
  3. Think about their size. Are they big enough to handle your project in a timely manner? But small enough that your business won’t get lost in the shuffle?
  4. Do they host the websites they create? And if so, what is the hosting environment? If they don’t, will they help you with this?
  5. What is their Quality Assurance process?
  6. What experience with security do they have? Can they help you with PCI compliance?
  7. Do their skills match your needs? If you have a more complex development project, can they custom-build something to match? What about e-commerce capabilities, user portals, or custom product finders?
  8. Do they offer marketing services beyond website design? Can they help improve your search rankings once your new site is launched? What about social media, blog posts, or print materials that match your brand?
  9. What about the relationship? Do you get a sense that the web design firm will collaborate well with your team and understand your goals? Use your gut and choose a company that feels right.

Any reputable web design company will be forthcoming with answers to all of these questions. And whether or not you can check off all of the above, starting the conversation will provide insights into how they work and help you decide whether you’ve found the website design company for you.

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