website launches

The calendar may have flipped from 2012 to 2013, but that certainly hasn’t slowed our pace. In a year that promises to be Cazarin’s best ever, we are out of the gates quickly with two recent website launches:

Notre Dame Academy is a new Pre-K to 8th grade Catholic school in Minnetonka that will open its doors for the 2013/14 school year. On January 18, Cazarin launched Notre Dame Academy’s internet presence with a beautiful new website. We hope you’ll check it out:

Mindshift Zone, Inc. is a Minnesota-based company offering dynamic training to businesses and organizations all across the globe. Born of a passion for entrepreneurship, a love of marketing, and a burning desire to connect and communicate with people, Mindshift Zone is so much more than “yet another catalog of seminars.” We launched it on January 21 and we invite you to visit:

Stay tuned…there’s a lot more to come as 2013 unfolds!