Somewhere between 800 and 1,000 words are added to the English language each year. Things like bestie, beatboxer, and scissor-kick. But the world of Social Media has been a cornucopia of neologisms (that’s the fancy term for new words) during the past decade.

Some may be so common that they seem like they’ve been part of our culture forever, and some may be unfamiliar, albeit clever terms that describe our modern world infused with Social Media.

New Social Media Words Infographic


One of the strongest linguistic trends in the past few years has been the profusion of “portmanteaux” – a portmanteau is a word derived from two other words, smashed together. Think of Movember, bromance, chillax, or even the delectable croissanwich.

Of the 18 new words we see here, a whopping 15 are portmanteau words, which not only shows how these words were born — by Social Media users throwing words together, not, say, foreign language influence or some other source — but they’re actually incredibly descriptive because they convey two ideas in one word.

We’re Entrenched in Social Media

The fact that so many new words come from the world of Social Media speaks to how entrenched Social is in our modern lives. Social Media is a relatively new way to spend our time, and represents new practices we engage in every day, and as such, we need new words to describe what happens there.

Social Media has infiltrated our personal lives, professional lives, and the world of business, and these words reflect each level of that infiltration.

Now, go tweet your geotagged selfie into the twittersphere, and enjoy!

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